Another happiness secret uncovered

I found this presentation this morning browsing around youtube. Saisha Srivastava has already touched a few sensetive spots in me. The last two years have been tough (Read the post before this one and I’ll explain) and because of the unfortunate changes I felt lost on the way. Lost in the world because I could not find my place in it. Also lost in my self, because I dodn’t reconize me anymore. Realizing how small we are in the vast universe made me feel insignificant and this video made me question, why? Why feel insignificant?

Im going to stop here because Saisha talkes about theese sort of feelings in her video and explains them a lot better than I. So my advice to you, if you feel near the same look at this video and mabye you can change the way you look at yourself.


How to stay strong

The past two years have been really tough. I have lost a cat that was my best friend for eleven years, soon after my cat had pasted away we had to say goodbye to a horse that have been in the family for almost fifteen years. And it doesn’t end there because the next year after loosing the pets my grand dad died, it all went so fast. And if that wasnt enough my grand dads mother was still alive and had to live through the experience of loosing her child before she also died two months later, in agony. 

I have not yet recovered from this ammount of loss in such a short time. And something tells me you never really do, you just learn to remember them in peace. Gone but not forgotten.

I found this video really helpful when it comes to dealing with great losses and other types of pain. I hope it can be helpful to anyone out there going through the same.

Collective intelligence

When I say collective intelligence you probably think of Wikipedia or some other site that let the users create and edit the content. But is it good or bad?

I believe sharing what we know with eachother could could be a great thing and lead to new insights we never would have though of. But then, reading comments on youtube or facebook always seems to lead to exposing of ignorance and such.

Mabye the key to succesfull collective intelligence is not in what we say, but in how we say it. We should never stop debating with one another (life would be boring if everyone always agreed about everything) but I think we should change the way we think about debating.

Well said TJ Dawe

Taking in what Dawe just talked about takes time but if you really start to think about it, you probably have done some of theese things your self. I for one has done it a lot of times. Im currently studying the webadministraitor program at the university of Borås and I’ve had that defensive reaction when someone came up with an idea that was different from my own. I think I have learned a lesson here. Stop rejecting and start asking questions, mabye me and that other person had come up with an even better idea if we just had worked together..