Collective intelligence

When I say collective intelligence you probably think of Wikipedia or some other site that let the users create and edit the content. But is it good or bad?

I believe sharing what we know with eachother could could be a great thing and lead to new insights we never would have though of. But then, reading comments on youtube or facebook always seems to lead to exposing of ignorance and such.

Mabye the key to succesfull collective intelligence is not in what we say, but in how we say it. We should never stop debating with one another (life would be boring if everyone always agreed about everything) but I think we should change the way we think about debating.

Well said TJ Dawe

Taking in what Dawe just talked about takes time but if you really start to think about it, you probably have done some of theese things your self. I for one has done it a lot of times. Im currently studying the webadministraitor program at the university of Borås and I’ve had that defensive reaction when someone came up with an idea that was different from my own. I think I have learned a lesson here. Stop rejecting and start asking questions, mabye me and that other person had come up with an even better idea if we just had worked together..


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